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           My constant goal and calling are to positively impact the lives of others.  I strive to motivate and empower others by sharing my knowledge and love for fitness and physical well-being.  In my opinion, helping someone improve their life, even in the littlest way, is the greatest reward and feeling of accomplishment. I grew up in Warren County, NJ.  I was always very active, as well as a ti-athlete throughout elementary and high school.  Once I graduated high school and no longer had softball, soccer, and basketball practice to look forward to, I started to get really into lifting and practicing my own healthy lifestyle In 2015, when I was 28-years-old, 3 of my friends were signing up for a bodybuilding competition.  I decided to jump on board and do it with them since I already loved to workout. Little did I know how difficult the process was and how dedicated you had to be.  I had never been put on a strict set diet before in my life or had a super strict workout schedule that I had to stick to. The journey was brutal, yet beautiful and an experience I will never forget. To see my body change from week to week, and have muscles pop out that I didn’t know existed…was truly mind-blowing.  Being able to physically see my improvements as my prep went on was extremely motivating and drove me to want to improve every single day.  Not only was my body changing, but I was waking up more refreshed and I just felt healthier all around. This whole experience was unlike anything I had ever gone through and it truly changed me in the best way possible. 

           Competing in my first show was probably one of the best days of my life.  All four of us placed in our very first show together and we were overwhelmed with joy and endless amounts of emotions.  The entire process taught me more about who I am as a person, showed me what true sacrifice was and also how far I could push myself past my usual limits.  I have now competed in 6 shows in total.  The feeling of being on stage and going through prep is truly addicting.  I have become a big advocate for natural bodybuilding shows. After learning the ugly truths about the organizations that do not drug-test, I will now only compete if the show is hosted by a natural bodybuilding organization.  These shows are fair, competitive, fun and do not involve politics in any way.

           Besides competing, I have also participated in other ventures in the fitness industry.  I have modeled for many different companies (including Modells), I currently do online coaching where I make personalized fitness/nutrition programs for others, and I am currently working on getting more workout programs/content up for my followers on IG and YouTube. If there is something I can take on that will support my mission to help others, then I want to do it!  Falling in love with the fitness lifestyle helped me become a more focused, driven, positive individual that can now tackle anything she puts her mind too.  I want to share my experiences and all the things I have learned along the way with others so that they can experience the same positivity fitness has given me.


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